Die Band Mitglieder

Die Band Mitglieder


Real Name: Darryl Hill
Other Names: (Cappadonna), Cappachino, Cappashogun, Cappadon, Donnamite

Member Information: CappaDonna was born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island, grew up with many fellow members, and also went to school with them. Although Cappadonna was not in the original contract, sign with Loud Records and Wu-Tang, many people refer to him as an official member, and their tenth one. Cappadonna first appeared musically on the wu-scene on Raekwon's first album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. He appeared in the video 'Ice Cream', which was the first time many people saw him, but wasn't the first video he appeared in. He was in the videos for 'Protect Ya Neck' and 'C.R.E.A.M.' on the first Wu-Tang Album, Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers. Just these things didn't get his popularity up. He guest started on Ghostface Killah first album, Ironman, with Raekwon. This is the album where Cappadonna becomes really popular. The best verse you will hear by Cappadonna to this day is on the track Winter Warz on the Ironman Cd. Cappadonna raps for 2:10 straight! He was also in other hit songs from the album, such as, ‘Iron Maiden’, 'Daytona 500' and 'Camay.' Everything changed when he was featured on Wu-Tangs highly anticipated 2nd album Wu-Tang Forever. He was on 5 tracks and was in the first video for the album, Triumph. After that, much was excepted from CappaDonna. Then in -time, he came out with his album, The Pillage, which introduces a new Style for Cappadonna. This album featured many big rappers, like Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man. It was very heavily promoted, and during the promotion of it, Cappadonna handed out dead bees in glass jars to DJ’s and other record labels. The album was in-fact a hit, entering charts at number 3. You could tell it was a hit, because the single 'Run' appeared on MTV, BET, and the Box all at once. He even hosted 'YO MTV Raps' and 'MTV Live.' Along with the PROM tours, and other stuff he did for the album, it was yet another hit. Since then, Cappadonna has still done much work with other Wu-Members including Method Man, Raekwon, U-God, and of course Ghostface Killah, and is very active with The Wu-Tang Clan. Many people think he's a member, some don't, and others just haven't decided. Personally I consider Cappadonna is The 10th Member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Word is that Cappadonna’s sophomore album (The Ying and The Yang) will be released sometime in the year 2001, as well as a album with Ghostface Killah called Crayons.

Real name: Dennis Coles
Others: Tony Starks, Ironman, Sun God
Albums: Ironman, Supreme Clientele
Official Website:
Record Company: Sony Music

Ghostface Killah was born and raised in the slums of Shaolin. You may recognize him preforming with such other rappers like- Rakewon the Chef and Cappadonna. Both of which have released solo albums in stores now and are members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Now considered a veteran of rap, he guest starred on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, by the platinum-seller Raekwon, now has released his own album, 1995 Ironman, and in 2000 Supreme Clientele.
Ironman was the last cd to be released before everyone started sayin wu had changed their style, which I believe is true. Ironman is an ill cd, with production done mainly by RZA. The album features Cappadonna, Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, RZA, Streetlife and Mary J. Blige. The biggest hit of the album was All That I Got Is You, but lyrically Winter Warz is the best track on the album in my opinon which features Raekwon, Cappadonna, Masta Killah, U-God and Ghostface. Ghostface claims he and his clan were the first to have other names, after he made Tony Starks. He also was the first to wear the popular foot-wear named Wallabees. He made his shoes into all different colors and showed a little bit of them on the cover of Ironman. He introduced these shoes to all the people and shortly after he did, the sales for them went up, along with the price for them. When he first rocked them, you could only find them on the DL, but now you can see them all over the place. Ghost and Rae were also the first to form the Wu-Gambino thing. Ghost just wants the other people to realize what he's done for them, and by saying "Give all Praises due."
When people hear his music he "Wants them to say,' Yo thats that Wu nigga. He's one of them nine niggas, he nasty." Supreme Clientele got good reviews from almost everyone. At the time it came out, many people were givin' up on the Wu because "they didn't have their old sound anymore." Every Clan member made an apperance on the album, except O.D.B. and Inspectah Deck. Even Redman, Superb of American Cream Team, and 60 Second Assassin of Sunz of Man made it on the album. This album has some of the best rhymes and beats and made a break-though for the Wu. Standout tracks on the album are Buck 50, Wu-Banga 101, Mighty Healty, One, Apollo Kids, and of course Chez Chez La Ghost. Ghost and RZA were also included in a large part of the Source magazine, March 2000 issue. They mainly talked about the new Ghost album and the past releases form the Wu, with the lack of RZA production. Ghost also talks about how the Wu brought many different trends to hip-hop. It also has some pictures of them (RZA, Ghost, and Capp.) together, and very good information about them can be found in it.
He's work on many other albums and sound tracks in the past and is still going strong. In between the time of his first album to his second he's done Wu-Tang Forever, CappaDonna - The Pillage, and Rza Presents The Swarm. He also received good reviews for the preformances he did on the soundtracks for 'Sunset Park' and 'Don't Be a Menace to South Central while you're Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.' Ghostface Plans on doing two duo albums in the year 2001, one of the with Raekwon (Cuban Linx 2001) and the other with Cappadonna (Crayons).

Real Name: Gary Grice

Others: GZA/Genius, Maximillion, Justice

Albums: Words From the Genius, Liquid Swords, Beneath The Surface

Record Lable: Geffen Records

Gza/genius the front man of the Wu,.... well almost, and my favorite mc from the wu, better yet, hip hop. He started his career in the early 90s' releasing his first solo album "Words From The Genius" off of Cold Chillin' records. But since he was signed to that horriable company the whole thing blew up in his face, that's the way he puts it. What he was describeing in Protect Ya Neck, and on his second album 'Liquid Swords' had to do with his old record company and how it went bad. Gza/Genius was one of the first orignal 3 members of the Wu-Tang, back then it was named All in Together Now. Back then he was know as just the "Genius."

The three later-on meet up with the rest of the members to form it up to what it is today. Back then they didn't do much. They were know to rap on the corners of streets and parks. RZA, at the time was know as Prince Rakeen, also sold records out from the trunk of his car until they got the record deal with Loud.

Gza did in fact release an album in 1990 that hardly anyone knew about, mainly because of prombles with his record company. His company was more into the slower, commerical- R&B stuff rather than stright Hip-Hop and it was also Old School. Word Form The Genius, was its name and sold no more than 31,000 copies, even when it was re-released in 1995. The first single of the album was "Come Do Me." It was a slower mix than what Gza usally puts out, and it didn't get much play.

The verse to the right, tells a small portian of what happened with the record company, Cold Chillin' Records, from the song Protect Ya' Neck. In the re-released version of the album, the song "Pass the Bone" takes place of,"Come Do Me." Anyway "Pass the Bone"was know to be a better liked song..

He released another album in 1995 called Liquid Swords. This time he didn't screw up and signed to Geffen Records. The album was a hit and went gold, the album is my favorite wu-related album and also featured my favorite song on it, '4th Chamber' with RZA, Ghostface Killah and Killah Preist, which became a hit. To many 'Liquid Swords' is considered a classic and the best wu-solo album. The album had many hits such as, 4th Chamber, Liquid Swords, Shadow Boxin', Duel of The Iron Mic, Cold World, Gold and Investigative Reports. The Album features every wu-member, yes even Ol Dirty Bastard, and the album introduce Killah Preist, one of the best mc's from wu-fam, Killah Preist was featured in the Banga '4th Chamber' and he even had a solo song, 'B.I.B.L.E'. In 1999, 4 years after his last record, he came out with another hit album called Beneath the Surface. It was also an enhandced CD, for those who didn't know that it was enhandced, or if you don't know what that means, just pop the CD into your computer and watch. It has guest apperance by; Rza, Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, La The Darkman, Killah Priest, and a couple others. The first single from the album was "Breaker, Breaker" was a hot track, but not the liquid swords style of even the 36 chambers style. He directed the video for "Breaker, Breaker" in the desert with a 16 or 18 wheeler. He's directed many videos such as "Cold World", "Shadow Boxin", and "4th Chamber."

Gza is know to be one of the most intellectual and complexed emcess of all time, by, putting together his rhymes with the beats is just crazy. In my opinion gza has the tightest lyrics from the wu and his lyrics actually make sense(not takin anything away from ghost or rae, but unless you know their slang, for the most part you dont know what they are talking about!). That's were the name Genius steps in. He's got his classical lyric style to match his hard core- stright-to-the-grain type kind of music. He is the genius of the Clan and consider the "Head" when they form up like voltron, according to Raekwon. He is one of the best chess players in the Wu, and he uses chess to describe parts of his life and keeping him focused. He has a whole thing on how each peice is like parts of a company, broken down. On top of that, he is the oldest member in the clan, so he was always the wise on, looking out for his fellow members.

I don't know much about his younger years, like growing up, but I'm sure he may not want me putting that stuff on here anyway. He is an all-out-great-rapper, with a smart mind, watch out! he could be extra dangerous. You can expect more from him in the future, weather it be directing videos, writing songs, produceing songs, appering on others records, or staying within the Wu. On the inside of Beneath the Surface it says word for word, "GZA/Genius The Fourth Album December '99." (Its already August 2000 and there is no album, but soon I hope!

Inspacta Deck

Real Name: Jason Hunter
Others: The Rebel INS, Fifth Brother, Rollie Fingers, Sir I
Albums: Uncontrolled Substance
Record Company: Loud Records

All you might know Inspectah Deck by some of his other names such as: The Rebel INS, Fifth Brother, Rollie Fingers, or by his real name Jason Hunter. He also goes by the street/slang names of 'Your Highness' and 'Sir I'. Rollie fingers is his "Wu Gambino" name and "Fifth Brother" is from the movie, "Hell's Wind Staff." In the movie there is a third and fourth brother, but no fifth. So he takes it upon himself to become that 'new guy' and be what no one ever was. He was born in the Kingburg section of the Bronx, but then later on moved to Staten Island because of his fathers death. Growing up he was a graffiti artist always leaving his mark of "Deck" and "INS". He went to school with other members such as Method Man, Cappadonna, U-God, and Raekwon (people say he was pretty smart and on the honor roll, but he doesn't admit to this). Inspectah Deck is famous for opening up tracks with an amazing verse (Protect Ya Neck, Triumph, For Heavens Sake, The Jump Off…to name a few). From their first album the hit joint he did was 'C.R.E.A.M.', the song from Enter the Wu, toping billboard charts for weeks. He tells how life can be effected by money (how it just rules over everything, even people), and how his own life was. He also did two song for movie soundtrack albums, such as; 'Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket'- from the High School High Soundtrack, and "Let me at them" from the Tales in The Hood Sound Track. Actually you proably wouldn't notice him on the song "Let Me At Them", because even though Deck wrote and produced the song, all of Wu-Tang got credited for it. Or wait!..... how about that noticable verse in 'Protect Ya Neck' or when he killed it with Raekwon, Ghost, and GZA on Guillotine [Swordz]. But he puts it apon himself, and doesn't want all the attention. He has been on other solo album with such members as, Gza, Raekwon, GhostFace Killah, Method Man, U-God and others like Big Punisher,Gang Starr, and KC & Jo Jo. He produced tracks for Wu-Tang Forever, The Swarm. Vol. 1, Raekwon, and Method Man's Tical 2000 Judgement Day and Ghostface’s Sumpreme Clientele. A very good and noteable song he produced was for the Swarm album, a song 'S.O.S.' with Streetlife. Pretty much the term S.O.S.- or Shoot On Site- is a good way to describe how these two made the song to sound like (make it shoot on site). After many push backs, he released his first album in October of 99', which he dedicated to his father, Frank Hunter. A good reason to like him is because of the way he raps. The way he describes what's going on in his songs, is like no other. One example is 'Word On The Street', this tells how he goes though his own problem. Just about every song on the album is about a different problem. I think this is one of the best Wu-Tang Solo artist debuts. Many just have to realize what this album holds, and what he means on this ablum. The title of Uncontrolled Substance, means a force that can't be contained, like himself. It can cause serious side-affects and mess with the brain. The inside album cover also features good shots of "The Uncontrolled Substance". It's like bringing it back to the C.R.E.A.M. days. Or you can relate Uncontrolled Substance to his name Inspectah Deck (read quote below). This guy has many tricks up his sleeve- and will contiune to do em'- but never show what is really done, or the full potential of his tricks. The album uncontrolled substance in my opinon was released about 4 years to late. If INS had released a solo album back when Method Man first did then I’m sure INS would be just as popular as Meth. Deck said his album featured all the underated wu-members that have a lot of talent like Masta Killah, U-God and wu-fam members like La The Darkman, Streetlife, and members of Killarmy. Watch out for more amazing and memorable verses from THE W.

Masta Killah

Real name: Elgin Turner
Others: High Chief , Noodles, Jamal Arief
Albums: None to date (Fall 2000)
Record Label: Wu-Tang Records
Offical Site:

Masta Killa is the most quiet and obseverative member in the clan. He doesn't do interviews, rarely speaks during Clan appearances, and just isn't very talkative or noticeable. When he's around some one new, one he has never met before, he doesn't speak- but he observes the person over and over. That is why the name of "Masta" fits him best. Of course the other part of his name, "Killa," suites him well... well because just listen to his rhymes. Very little is known about Masta Killa, and I get the feeling he isn't the one to have many friends, this is backed by the fact he doesn't seem like a very friendly person. But no matter what, he will always have the clan behind him.
He became an official member of the clan in 1995-96, which was when people got to know him. He didn't appear that much on the first Wu album (like Cappadonna and U-God) because he was not available at the time they recorded it (however, he did have one verse on the album, read on--->). He did, appear on the song, "Da Mystery Of The Chessboxin," and showed true Wu-Tang Skill in it. He also proved the true work of a masta, such of himself. After that he contiuned to show his true work as a Masta. He was on Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Liquid Swordz, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx & Ironman. Then he was featured on Wu-Tang Forever, which was the first time people really got to see and hear him (and this time stood out the most because this was an album with the whole clan). He has also appeared on almost every single wu-related album since then (most of the work has been done inside with the actual Wu-Tang Clan, rather than other Fam. members); which means he still is in the Wu, even though he was no solo work released yet. He does have a track he did with Method Man called "Secret Rivials." He's not the kind of guy to turn down an offer of doing work with any of his fellow members on their solo albums. His style of rapping goes so well with the Wu-Tang. No other member in the Wu-Tang or anyone else in the hip-hop industry raps the same as he does, and at the same time no one can describe him--not even some of this best clansmen. The best possible way to get-to-know him is by listing to his rhymes. He raps slow, so he can get his point across, and let people hear what he has to say. Some people hate the way he raps and comes across with his lyrics. But I say, "What the F**k you think?!? He's a killa, a Masta Killa." He holds some of the "tightest" lyrics in the clan, some songs to look for him in: "Assaination Day," "Excute Them," "Wu Banga 101," and "Glaciers of Ice," just to name a few, but he holds the ture keys in these songs.
Masta Killa is self-taught, and usually doesn't listen to what other people have to say. Bottom line is he doesn't care to what other people have to say. But this slow - wise man is very intellectual and is one of the best chess players in the Wu. I think his capability matchs no other emcee that I know of. Other than doing a lot of work with Wu-Tang and Wu-Family, I hear he is supposed to come out during the mid to late 2000 (Fall time) with his first solo album titled Bloody Swords or The Masta Piece. I'm pretty hopefull and certain this album will drop in the year 2'G'. Hopefully it will come out soon, because he is the last Wu-Tang member (out of the 10) to drop a solo album. On the updated track listing of his album , it features many apperaces by fellow members of the Wu, and will probably be more orignal, and should return all of us back to the '36. Hopefully this debut will make many people happy, ones such as myself.

Real Name: Clifford Smith

Others: Johnny Blaze(Dangerous)
Tical, Iron Lung, Shakwon, Ticallion Stallion, and about 50,000 others.

Albums: Tical, Tical 2000: Judgement Day, Blackout

Record Lable: Def Jam 2000

Offical Web Site:
Def Jam

Meth grew up just like any the other member, but probaly has had the most successful career out of all of them. Method Man went to school with such other members as: U-God, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, and Ghostface Killah.
Meth's wonderful life has lead him into a world of different styles, because he does his thing with a lot of different kinds of people. But, he got his popularity first when he made the song "Method Man," and when he was the first of the members to release a solo album. He's also done so many song with other people in the past, it's crazy. He's been on songs from their first album (1993), Enter the Wu, all the way to songs with rock bands such as Limp Bizkit, and other R & B tracks. Words that can be heard on many method man tracks are 'Tical', which is the term meth uses for marijuana, 'Raider Ruckus', Raider Ruckus is his drug dealer, and P.L.O Style. He has released two solo albums and a duo album with redman in the past. Tical, which was the only solo release album by any member of the Wu to sell the most even though, the rest reached gold or higher. One of the songs on the album Tical, named 'P.L.O. Style' turned to be a very influencial song on the Wu, because a lot of the terms used in the song are still used by the rest of the clan. The term Tical and P.L.O. style can be herd from him a lot. That was his first release in late 94'. The biggest hits off 'Tical' would be 'Bring Da Pain', 'M.E.T.H.O.D Man', 'All I Need', 'P.l.O Style', and 'Mr.Sandman'. His second solo album is called Tical:2000 Judgement Day, came in November of 1998. Judgement day show the darker side of Meth, and also has many guest apperances, even Donald Trump and Janet Jackson. The first single off the album was 'Judgement Day' followed by 'Break Ups 2 Make Ups'. Both Tracks were commerical tracks and 'Break Ups 2 Make Ups' was big with the ladies. My Favorite Song off the album is 'Play 4 Keeps' which featured Streetlife, Inspectah Deck, and Mobb Deep. His Third album was a duo album with label mate Redman, entitled 'Blackout'. The Third album is a very commerical album, and Erick Sermon produced most off the album, and the RZA only produced 2 tracks (In My Opinon they are the 2 best tracks). The Album came out in the Fall of '99. The first singel was 'Tear It Off' which wasn't to much off a hit. The second single 'Da Rockwilder' is a very commerical track produced by, of course, Rockwilder. The Third single is 'Y.O.U' and is produced by Erick Sermon. Its said that the next single off of the album will be 'Run 4 Cover', which in my opinon is the best track on the album, which features streetlife and ghostface killah. Def Jam tried to make Method Man release his third solo album at the end of '99 but it never happened. Word is that it might be out by the end of 2000.

He went on the Hard Knock life tour featured with; Jay-Z, Redman, DMX, Dj Clue , and himself. At the same time MTV made a documentary of him. The documentary included parts of the tour and also an interview with him. Meth says when ever he is one tour or is doing an interview or something else of that matter, he always has to have his water. Once he gets his water and keeps on getting it, he'll be cool. On this tour Redman and Meth also wrote most of the album Blackout.

Another thing Meth has accomplished is a movie career. He landed a spot in the 99' hit movie by Hype Williams, Belly. Method Man also odishioned for the roll of Boba Fett for the new Star Wars movie, but no one knows if he got the roll or not. Now he has found time to go on tour with partner Redman to promote the platium selling album, Blackout. Special Guest Appearances on this tour inclueded that of Ghostface, Streetlife, and CappaDonna. In the years of 99-2000 Meth has changed a lot more. Some people say they don't like him anymore, and that he is commerical. He appears with Redman on a D'anglo song, and Meth and Red can be seen in a video of Sisquo. 'The Thong Song'. Well... Yes. Method Man did change his ways. Method Man has also done work with the Ruff Ryders on a track called '2 Tears in a Bucket' with Redman and Sheek from the LOX. I didn't really like the idea of meth doin' work with the ruff ryders, I liked the old method man music a hell of alot more then his new shit, but you cant really blame him if he wants to make commerical music just to make some $$$$, everybody wants the cash. In 2000, Method Man also did a spot in the movie, Black and White. This movie also featured Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killah, Mike Tyson, Illan Iverson, and many other famous people. Method Man and the Rest of the Wu (Except ODB, who is in rehab) are workin' on the wu's third lp which could be out by the end of 2000, but i doubt it. The Album has had to different titles so far, this are the ones im hearing, Wu-Tang: The 8th Diagram and something like The Core of The Apple. Word is that it is also a triple album!


Real Name: Russel Jones
Others: Osirus, Dirty McGrit, Joe Bananas, Dirt Dog
Record Label: Elektra Entertainment
Offical Website:

At of all the trials & tribulations, and things the each members of the clan went though in their lives, Dirty has probably the weirdest life and stories to tell. With the troubles the Wu-Tang Clan had Growing up in Brooklyn and on welfare, he never had anything special happening in his life. ODB went to the same school as GZA and Masta Killah. All his actions in his early life finally caught up with him and made his life a difficult thing to go though. The way we see him-in and what we hear about, isn't even half as bad as it really is. Ol’ Dirty Bastard is one of the founding fathers of the Wu-Tang Clan (along with RZA and GZA. Many people don’t know that ODB is cousins with the RZA and The GZA. In 1995 after the releases Method Man, and most all the members having record deals it was Dirty's Time To Shine. His first album came to show the world who he was and this is him. The release of Return To The Thirty 36 Chambers: Dirty Version came in early ‘95, and was a surprise to most people, (1) cuz most people didn't know who he was, even though he had skills and (2) the people who did know him probably figured that they would never hear form him again after "Enter The Wu." The first single of the album, "Brooklyn Zoo" was like any other song of the album. He like the "old school style" and he tried to make his album sorta like an old school attitude, but not that much came out. Back by fellow Wu members on many of the tracks (Method Man, GZA, Masta Killah, RZA, Ghostface, Killah Priest, 12 O’Clock, and Br’klyn Zu), the album was co-produced by RZA and Ol' Dirty himself. He talks about the old influences that took place in his life, and talks about them whenever he can.
He said, "I created all these worlds. I don't let anyone try to tell me to change it, either If they're talking about something that's in my world than maybe I'll listen. If you can't understand that then get the record." His record did do good selling, but was the worst selling Wu-record at around 700,000 copies. Apperace of ODB in public has never been his favorite thing. You could catch him wining a grammy, or just gladly excepting one once in a while, but he doesn't really like that kind of stuff. He's never done many appearances on other rappers albums's either, but was in fact on "Wu-Tang Forever" doing a few tracks. Then he released his second album in September of 1999, which came as another surprise to everyone, even to me. It's first single, "Got Your Money" (feat. Kelis), was taking over the Radio and T.V. It was a original video for Dirty with old 70's film clips in it to make it a humourous Dirty video. Even though many people had negative comments about the album, it is still a Classic.
Now a-days you just hear about Ol' Dirty either getting arrested or in another drug Rehab program. People just think that is what he's about, and doesn't care anymore about Hip-Hop, or the Wu-Tang Clan. People also wonder if he is still down with the Wu or did he get dropped. Ol' Dirty will always be down with the Wu, no matter what happens. Everyone knows Wu-Tang never cared about that east & west coast s**t, and Dirty was always the one to give shout-outs to the west coast and everyone else.
Though Dirty's short career he's been though a lot of ups and downs. But one thing is clear, this is one member were you don't even have to like the Wu in order to like him, or his music.


Real Name: Corey Woods a.k.a Chef a.k.a Reak a.k.a Lou Diamonds
Biography: Raekwon is another very popular Wu-Member, he has been supplying Wu-Fans with excellent lyrics consistently since the first Wu-Tang Clan album 'Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers'. Like all the members of Wu-Tang, Raekwon has his own particular style, but his style was by far the most emphasized upon.. Raekwon's debut album 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..' gave birth to the Wu-Gambinos, a concept which made the Clan into a mafia like crime family, where each member was given a new nickname and where most tracks on the album featured a mafioso theme. 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..' was released in 1995 and featured a large amount of Ghostface Killah, with other appearances from Masta Killa, The RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Ol' Dirty, Blue Rasberry, Cappadonna, 60 Second Assassin, and The GZA. Raek has plans to release a second album, entitled 'Immobilarity State of Grace Vol.1' November 16th 1999. Check out a lot of new music by (also new tracks from Immobilarity)Rae in the Music Section!!

Real Name: Robert Diggs

Others: Prince Rakeem, Rzarector, Bobby Steels, The Abbot

Albums: Bobby Digtal In Stereo, The RZA Hits & Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai

Record Lable: Gee Street

Offical Site:

To most people, espcially his fellow members of the Clan, RZA is considered to be, "The man." If it weren't for Rza himself, would Wu-Tang be the same? Many people many wonder were they would be with out him. Just listen to anyone from the Wu, and in their music they thank Rza or say something about his beats. In 1991, RZA, back then know as Prince Raekeem, released a small LP called Oh We Love You Prince Raekeem. But at this time he was just trying to get his own popularity, and the Wu wasn't even know yet. He was one of the oringrial 3 Wu-Tang members. GZA, ODB, and himself are all cousins and were in the group All In Together Now, which later on became the Wu-Tang Clan, as you know today. The three are also all cousins, and GZA was a great influence on RZA. Up until the full nine members came about, and RZA got to be the rich producer/song writer he is now, he use to sell record out of the back trunk of his car. Then he got big when loud signed a contract with them. Because the deal they had with loud, it let them sign to a different record company, to release any solo work. This was the time when no one knew anything about the clan or RZA, but now he is razor sharp. He came a long distance......

He became to be the producer for mostly all the Wu-Tang and Wu-Tang related albums. He has a collection of hits he's produced from such artist as; Method Man. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, GZA, Gravediggaz, Bjork, and the Bulworth soundtrack. He has a solo album which came out in late 1998 called "RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo." (buy it) The whole concept of Bobby Digital is all of his artistic talents. BOBBY is the brainchild, and is RZA's invention. There is a whole story behind of how Bobby came about. BOBBY is really a computer and a self-indulgent creature of flesh who loves to womanize, party, spend money and wear the latest fashions. RZA also made a movie called 'Bobby Digital' and his first solo album has meant to be the soundtrack for the movie.

He also put out a hits album of classic Wu-songs titled, "The RZA Hits." if you never liked Wu from the start, I advise you to get this album. With such hits as; "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit", "Protect Ya Neck", "C.R.E.A.M.", "Method Man", "All I Need", and "All that I got is You," it's a classic. On top of all this, RZA was in the film, Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai. A nation-wide film about martial arts and other self endurance. He produced the whole soundtrack for it, which features Method Man, Masta Killa, Ol' Dirty Bastard, U-God, himself, LA the Darkman, 12 O' Clock, Blue Raspberry, North Star, Black Nights, Kool G Rap, Tekitha, Superb, Royal Fam, Melodie, Jeru, Afu Ra, and Suga Bang Bang. It is a very good album, and has a different twist to many other albums. It is different that the Swarm vol. 1, and Bobby Digital, but this is a new chamber, and a good chamber at that.

Rza (along with Ghostface Killah) was featured in the March 2000 Issue of Source Magazine. This was a very good issue which covered very important topic about the wu, like why have the past couple releases been so bad, ect. He says how he assigned different producers to the different members, like; Powere to Rae a & Deck, Divine to Meth & CappaDonna, and he took U-God and Ghostface, and Dirty...he's just Dirt. He said he is going to keep it with Masta Killa. They go on to questions like why didn't you Drop the Cure in '98, and What he plans for the Wu in the future. It's really a good article, and if you can find it somewhere you should read it. But the thing that best sums it up is this quote by him, "We 'bout to form voltron AGAIN. AFTER THE NEXT Wu-Tang Album, I think it closes the book, If we live out how I Got This S**T Planned, It's gonna be another MileStone. You can measure Hip-Hop by it." This man is a wonder to Wu-Tang and hip-hop itself, people just have to realize.


Real Name: Lamont Hawkins
Others: Lucky Hands, Golden Arms, Baby-U, 4-Bar Killer
Albums: Golden Arms Redemption
Facts: He only appeared on two tracks on "Enter The Wu" because he was not available at the time when they were recording the album.

Well, this is just yet another one of the Wu-Tang Talent's shown, U-God! Of course, everyone should know him. He many many appearances on other members albums and has released one of this own, Golden Arms Redemption. He hits hard when it comes to doing work with his clan. His best work is with them, so it wouldn't be a surprise for him not to be on any of their albums. His first solo, Golden Arms Redemption, was a different kind of Wu Album. With guest appearances by such fellow rappers like; Leatha Face, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Hell Razah from Sunz of Man, and Raekwon. And with executive producers: Rza and U-God it has 15 tracks, so get it today. He said it took him over 8 months to get this album up and it sure was worth the wait. This is probably the most underground release from the Wu in a while, but is still a great album, epically for his first one. U-God stated that this was a great-quality album, and it was time for his 'Redemption.' Many people down-graded his album- and said it wasn't good. But a lot of others tend to disagree with that, and think it's one of the best Wu albums the year.
U-God, he is a man with a talent of lyrics and voice. I think he is one of the most potential members of the Wu. He only appeared on 2 tracks on "Enter the Wu" 'cause at the time he had his own problems to worry about. The first real track he was on that many people heard him for the first time was on the "High School High" soundtrack. Featured with Inspectah Deck and Street Life called "Semi Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket." But, later he came upon Wu-Tang Forever, which made him a star. He is known for putting out verses that mean something. He is never off-topic. Some of the rhymes he comes up with are quite notable, and stand out when your listening to it.
He is known to have a short fuse at some times, temper wise (he's known to get mad a lot). He grew up in Staten Island with the other members for the Wu. His only appearances on Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers were on "Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'" and "Protect Ya Neck." He made up for that in Wu-Tang Forever, when he appeared on most of the tracks. You can hear him on any other member's album like Raekwon- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Ghostface- Ironman/Supreme Clientele, Gza- Liquidswords, Inspectah Deck- Uncontrolled Substance and CappaDanna- The Pillage. He was also featured on a track with Cypress Hill called 'Killa Hill'. U-God means "The God Of War," which was explained on his album, Golden Arms Redemption. It is also to be said he doesn't use any weapons (in fights), because he doesn't need them. He is able to take-on whole armies and defeat them, by himself and with no weapons. I believe his record company is Wu-Tang Records with Loud. U-God also did a verse on each of the wu’s new singles for the W (The Jump Off and Gravel Pits.)

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